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Сalculators, turnstiles, and notebooks – what do these objects have in common? Can they be useful in a 2020 business environment? Each of these items was used to keep track of incoming applications and services rendered in different business niches at different times. However, today we have many options to optimize and simplify customer counting, analytics, and booking of our services.

Have you ever had a situation when you bought a ticket for a sedentary trip on a bus, and during the trip your seat was taken by another passenger? Do you know the feeling when so many visitors came to the gym that it was simply impossible to play sports there? If even this did not happen to you, then you probably know people who are just constantly late for important meetings and events. All these problems have one character – the lack of good organization.

Today we’ll talk about the unique Omnify service, which was developed as part of modern B2B directions for managing reservations to visit and buy your services. We will find out why it will help you to increase KPI by 5 times, increase your customer loyalty and even support high business performance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Who needs Omnify?

First of all, this platform will come in handy if your business provides services. Gym, beauty studio, hairdresser, no matter what – Omnify will allow you to regulate the number of visits, manage guests’ visits, analyze the effectiveness of the company at different intervals, and the productivity of each employee individually. To work quickly does not mean to work efficiently. Successful entrepreneurs know that the service will be performed at a high level if it is not affected by external factors and rush.

How does this platform work?

You do not need to direct your customers to any third-party Internet resources to get convenient Omnify functionality. A convenient adaptive widget of this service will take only 5 minutes to be installed on your website and give you all the design advantages. Let’s look at the algorithm for installing Omnify in your business:

Register on the Omnify official website, and after purchasing the package, indicate the list of services provided, your employees, and the work schedule. At the same time, for each service, you can assign a specific manager or master who is qualified in this.

Fill your service platform with identity and beautiful visualization. If Omnify will register your customers to visit the gym, ice rink, or walk around the exhibition, add real photos of your location or event. If you register a client to visit the services of a hairdresser, make-up artist, and other specific masters, it is recommended to assign a real photo of the master to the provided service. Thus, you establish the correspondence contact of the client with your company.

Give the client a choice: think over the business schedule so that the client always has a choice. If it is convenient for the client to attend the English class at 18:00, but all the seats are occupied at this moment, the client can go to your competitors. Think over the most popular services of your company and give a choice without a big loss of time and cost difference. And remember that 3% of passengers are always late or miss their plane.

Consider opening a guest reservation to your customers. So, visitors to your site will not need to register to sign up for services through the Omnify widget. It is convenient and time-saving, and also increases the likelihood of buying your service. For example, if a client comes from another city and knows for sure that he will visit your company 1 time, he will not want to register – it is at such moments that the possibility of a guest order will help you save the client.

Connect payment through Omnify. If your business involves prepayment, then this platform will help your client make instant comfortable payment through any banking system with the conversion from any currency. The Omnify plugin has all the necessary PCI gateways for tracking and analyzing incoming finances. Control the financial part of the business inside the Omnify platform to keep abreast of every service provided. Change the pricing policy of the company and look at the difference in the number of purchases and visits by your client live.

Use Omnify at full power. Available time for booking and services will always be displayed at the top of your schedule. Smart calendars of visits will notify your client via the platform and SMS if the recording time is changed, as well as in cases when the service changes the master or the recording is canceled. You can add your staff and managers to the system, manage the levels of their access to business audits, and open up the possibility for them to provide new services and independently distribute their work schedule. Omnify will be convenient for every member of your team, and not just for the client.

But now I work fine without Omnify

Yes, but you will appreciate all the advantages of this platform if you connect it to your business for at least a week. That is why you can try a trial week of the service’s functionality here – Statistics show that 95% of all Omnify trial weeks end with a purchase of the service for at least 1 month, and another 95% of users renew their subscription and expand their tariff plan to use this widget on an ongoing basis. By purchasing this, you save your client’s time on a phone call or visit your location. You allow your services to sell yourself. You increase the image of the company and customer loyalty by receiving in return an increase in ROI and the credibility of your business in the market for similar services.

Adaptability is your main asset in 2020

90% of applications via booking platforms come from smartphones. 80% of small business sites are not designed not to work on mobile devices or have incomplete functionality while browsing pages from iPhone and other gadgets. 100% of your customers will be able to familiarize themselves with your services and apply for a visit and purchase through Omnify. Remember: during the first transition of a potential client to your site you have only 3 seconds to attract the attention of the visitor. Stylish adaptive design and simplicity of this platform will help you here. The Omnify widget can be placed anywhere on your site so that the opportunity to arrange a visit is constantly in the field of view of the client, but does not distract him from viewing the page. This is cool!

Achievements sell better than marketing

This is normal if in 2020 your business suffered losses due to the global crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic, or internal factors in your region. But it’s bad if you didn’t take steps to continue and develop your business at such times. A good entrepreneur must be able to adapt to any situation on the market and in the world. Omnify has helped 1,100+ companies in 40+ regions of the world stay on the market during the pandemic. The ability to control the number of visits through Omnify turned out to be very convenient as part of restricting visitors to one business location.

In 2019, Omnify saved 1800+ customer hours that they would have spent on phone calls and finding information about services in different companies. The average increase in ROI after a month of connecting to Omnify is 3.9%, and some analyzes indicate a 5-fold increase in traffic.

In 2019 and 2020, Omnify twice won the G2 International Award for Best Software for Customers. Voting was conducted among small business clients in 8 countries. At the same time, the platform occupies a leading position among similar services in terms of return on investment B2B investment and financial potential. The platform team showed the fastest payback period for a B2B widget – 3 months.

Make a decision now

We know how important business owners decide to improve their functionality. Omnify justifies your investments and you do not risk anything by connecting this widget to your website. Now you have the opportunity to take advantage of great offers to purchase tariff plans – for example, for $79 you can purchase a basic package of services, and later, making sure the highest level of convenience for your customers and looking at the growth in sales of your services, you can purchase advanced service packages.

You also do not need to hire a separate manager or consultant to conduct an audit through Omnify. The platform is convenient and provides all the analytical data, financial reports, and the number of new customers (as well as how many of them become regular) in a format convenient for you for any period. 

The wide functionality of the program will allow your employees to distribute their work schedule and focus on the achievements of their colleagues. With Omnify, you create the perfect model of communication with the client from any point of start.

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